About Us

TrapezeRigging.com was started in 2003 by Trevor Boswell.

Trevor has traveled across the globe during his 30-year career as a catcher on the flying trapeze. He won the "Silver Clown" in Monte Carlo, and was one of a handful of catchers in the world to catch the almost impossible quadruple summersault, and all the tricks in between.

He retired from catching in 2003 and turned to his other love: mechanical engineering.

In the circus world he had become known for his original designs of indoor riggings and lighting systems and creating the world's first indoor fireworks simulator.

One of his personal favorites is a round platform that expanded to 3 tiers & rotated while 3 tigers were sitting on it. (Check out the custom work photos to see more.)



The video to the left was taken in Paris in 2001, in the oldest circus building in the world, in a show called "Trapeze" - it was a dream to work there.

TrapezeRigging.com was created to provide anyone with a "fantasy to fly" a first-class rigging on which to fulfill those dreams.