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I just wanted to let you know that I am loving my rig! (backyard adjustable) It was super easy to assemble. It only took two of us less than ten minutes to set up. I like that the height is adjustable too. The rubber feet are great. Two are on concrete and two are on the grass. It's very sturdy and strong. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a personal rig. It was money well spent and worth every penny. Thank you for the free shipping and getting it to me so fast. I am having a lot of fun on my rig. Thank you! Thank you!
A very happy customer
Trish K
I spent a lot of time considering my options before I ordered my trapeze rigging elite XL pull up bar. There simply is nothing else out there that offers the flexibility that the elite XL does. 
When my item arrived, I was more than happy and knew in my mind the money had been well spent. The quality of this piece of equipment cannot be conveyed through the photos on the trapeze rigging website. 
Having been using my elite pull-up bar for three weeks now, I can also say I am more than impressed with both the ease at which it can be assembled/dis-assembled, but also how sturdy and solid it is once set up. It has transformed my ability to workout fully and is quite possibly the best investment I have made with regards my training equipment! 
Matt, United Kingdom

Thank you! My Elite XL has made it half way around the world and is now busy arguing with the furniture about who goes where. :)
Please add me to your long list of happy customers!
warmest regards,
Peter,Sydney, Australia

For the military folk:
I purchased the Elite XL pullup bar right before I went to the field so I can continue to do pullups in the middle of the desert. For POGs like me that have a way to easily store and transport 38ish pounds of aluminum to your field op, this thing is amazing.
You can't get better stability for the weight, and even on slightly uneven ground the bar won't fall over if you're doing dead hang pullups. This bar was used by people ranging from 130lbs at 5'3" to someone about 220lbs at 6'7" without any major problems. At one point we wanted to move an AC unit that was several hundred pounds without the hassle of calling for a forklift, the assembled legs of this bar made lifting it much easier all it had to show for it was some superficial scratches.
Not to mention that this thing is way better than a door frame set. The only thing that I needed to add for myself was tape.
Christine S 11.30.2014

I couldn't find a link to post my review on your website, so I thought I'd email it to you. I recently ordered the standard pullup bar with the stabilizer kit and am very impressed. It was an expensive investment but for those who do bodyweight training regularly, I'd say it's definitely a worthwhile investment. I've read some reviews before having purchased it that it wobbles and would say that this is absolutely not an issue. When I first put it together without the stabilizer kit and did a few pullups, there was barely any wobbling. Certainly not the kind of wobbling to be concerned about. If anything, it helps teach you better form to avoid kipping. Now that I've attached the stabilizer kit, it's perfectly stable. I even do a little kipping on my final reps of pullups and chinups and there is almost no wobbling (I'm 6'3" and weigh 180lb). Another concern I had was height. When I set it to the highest level, the height of this bar works great for me. I just have to slightly bend my knees to be able to do a dead hang on it, not an issue as far as I'm concerned. All in all, I'm very satisfied with the purchase.Daniel

Another very happy customer here. My Pull Up Bar arrived here in the Netherlands very quickly and nicely packed. The build quality is superb and much better than expected. Everything fits together really well and feels solid, I am impressed. Thanks for great service and a great product. Anyone looking for a pull up solution this is the one, I have tried many others and nothing comes close to this. Lee, Netherlands
Where do I start ? My elite trapeze pull up bar is fantastic ! Even better than I hoped for. Its light , strong , extremely well made and very easy to assemble and disassemble, making it a perfectly designed piece of exercise equipment. I am a paramedic in rural NSW , Australia and often get posted to different stations to fill staffing gaps , I always take my pull up bar with me and have found it to be to single best piece of fitness apparatus I own. Prior to purchase I did quite alot of research online and noticed some people complained about the stability of the pull up bar. With the elite version this is not an issue at all , there is some very minor movement but all this does is force you to use correct form and keep your lower body still , as it should be ! Another complaint I noticed was the price of the product, believe me , its money well spent , what price do you place on health and fitness ? This pull up bar is so well made it will pay for itself many times over as it gets repeatedly used over the years. Thanks for reading and thank you Trapeze Rigging . Julian Leung. Paramedic . Bulahdelah , NSW , Australia.
Arrived quickly and packaging was outstanding. Product was very well protected and professionally wrapped. Also, the product itself, the Elite version chinning bar, is an ingenious yet simple invention. A professional-grade exercise station that can be set up or dismantled in a minute or two is a stroke of genius! Very high-quality product. Anthony, Chicago
Hello Trevor. I wanted to let you know that I received my adjustable 13' freestanding model and am thoroughly impressed with the overall quality and workmanship of the product. The rubber covered swivel feet and rigging are a piece of art. Very sturdy and secure. I highly recommend this product for those interested in aerial silk and anti-gravity yoga. From the time I placed my order to receipt of the product was less than a week, was surprised at how quickly the rigging arrived and the quality of the packing, instructions and ease of assembly. It definitely takes two people to assemble and it is very quick, less then 10 minutes. I was skeptical at first but after communicating directly with you and you taking the time to answer my questions made me take the plunge. Compared to other products I researched on the net, yours was by far much superior as other products appeared to be flimsy and unstable. I have told several people about the product and your service. Thank you again for a very sturdy and quality product. I look forward to the years of use and enjoyment I will get out "my" rigging. Myriam, GA
The Elite arrived yesterday and I assembled it with no problem at all. I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU because this is the best fitness product I've purchased in a very long time!!! I already LOVE this thing, man... and I will surely be using it a LOT!!! This is the exact element that was missing from my in-home training, so I really can't thank you enough.Sage - Washington, DC
I just bought the Standard Pull Up bar + all-in-one attachment w carrying bag . After reading the reviews, I had to buy this! Its clear that you took care when packing all the pieces. Also, the quality is super high. This bar is stable folks! I weigh 240LBS and just started P90X- and this is the bar to use! Anyone that is over 195 pounds should not use the silly door frame bars. Spend the extra money and get the Standard Pull Up bar + all-in-one attachment w a carrying bag. Thanks again for a awesome high quality product. I will tell all my friends about you guys! - Marshall - Denver, Colorado
My Elite Pull-up Bar arrived today! Took about 1 1/2 minutes to setup and it’s amazing! I am so glad I didn’t buy a big overweight unstable, non-portable setup from the local sporting goods store. My son and I are big guys, a doorway pull-up bar would have ripped our doors up, in fact it had… This thing is super light yet SUPER strong and stable! Love it! It’s also not an eye sore, it’s very nice looking, the quality and appearance far exceeded what I was expecting. While this did cost more than the cheap ones at the store, this was money very well spent and very worth it. I wish everyone would use simplicity along with quality in their products. Rob
Det var nemt at finde det jeg skulle bruge på hjemmesiden. Mine mailede spørgsmål blev straks besvaret og der var lynhurtig levering. Pakkerne var godt emballeret og korrekt indhold, fuldstændigt uskadt. Alt var som det skulle være.
(Translated from Danish) it reads.. It was easy to find what I needed on the website. My emailed questions were immediately answered and there was lightning fast delivery. The packages were well packed and accuracy of content, completely unharmed. Everything was as it should be.Pernille..Denmark
Overall awesome product. Money well spent. one more quick tip from a sales perspective- the thing that made me buy it, more than any other factor, is that the door-way pull-up bars were messing up the doors in the places I was living / making dents, leaving black marks everywhere etc and I lost security deposit money b/c of it. If I had not bought the bar I would have ended up paying enough in lost security deposits that it more than made sense to invest. Eric P
Just wanted to write you and tell you that your pull up bar is a god send! I needed a bar for my p90x workout... I didn't want to use a door frame bar because I wanted to be able to watch the video while doing the pull ups... So I decided on a free standing bar... My wife said no because she didn't want one permanently set up in our house. Your bar fit the bill perfectly... I can set it up in AND break it down in less than a minute in my living room. It's completely stable and holds my weight easily! (I'm 230lbs) Your craftsmanship is GREAT! LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Kudos to you! Mike
I just received my "free standing portable pull-up bar" and it is great! I am amazed at how well it is constructed and the ease with which it is assembled (it only took me about 45 seconds the first time)! Thank you so much for this absolutely perfect product, I will recommend it to everyone I know! Again, thank you very much, I am totally pleased! Thankfully,C. Morris
The package arrived yesterday in excellent condition! I'm impressed with the build quality and simplicity of using it!! Thanks! -William S..Norway
Outstanding product: quality, price, and doing business with the company. As a certified nuclear welding inspector by trade, and on the road constantly, I needed a product that is strong, safe, easily transportable, and a good value for the price. I've seen and used some "OK," pull up bars that typically fit in doorways with molding, yet this stand Alone Bar is FAR superior in every aspect for a number of reasons: 1. I've used it daily going on 2 months, so this is not a "Gee I'm excited," because I just got it review. 2. World class quality - nuclear grade material and weld quality. 3. Few places even have door-jam molding nowadays,so this is great, and I can even set it up outside. 4. It goes together in a few minutes, and actually takes up LESS space than a weak door model. 5. Like anything that's not a permanent fixture, simply use common sense. I can hardly wait to see what can be added to it. Frankly, I'd have been happy if I paid twice the amount (please don't raise your price). Little door models cannot compare..T.R.Wilson
I was highly impressed at how fast the Lyra I had ordered arrived. It only took a little over a week to receive. The quality of the lyra and the equipment is wonderful and my lyra has been called "beautiful" by many people who have seen it. The customer service is also very reputable and due to a bad order of swivels the first swivel I received did not work. I was sent a new one immediately for no charge. I very much enjoy working on my equipment and recommend this company to anyone looking for quality aerial equipment. I will buy from here again! -Kristin
Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the pullup bar I ordered from you awhile back. It is the simplest, most effective piece of exercise equipment I’ve ever owned and the only one that I can’t stop using. The results from working out on this bar are amazing. If anyone is reading this testimonial and thinking about buying the bar, just do it. It will be one of the best decisions you ever make.Randy
I wanted to tell you how great the pull up bar is. After reading the reviews, I had high expectations, but when I opened the box up and assembled it I was impressed. First of all, its clear that you took care when packing all the pieces, which I really appreciated. Also the quality of the welds and materials is very high. The bar is far more stable than it looks in the pictures, and when placed on a stable flat surface, it hardly moves at all when in use. Thanks again for a high quality product and great service for the entire transaction.Terence
Thanks again for a high quality product and great service for the entire transaction High quality metal. Light (weight as described in listing) yet rigid & strong. No paint to chip off. Parts fit together smoothly. Stable. Easy to assemble and to take apart and move. Easy to change configuration (low set up for reverse push-ups, dips etc. vs. high set-up for chin ups, etc.). Easy to adjust for each exercise. Has several different heights for each set-up. The unit was delivered quickly and was packed such that it arrived in perfect condition. If you have the space (need about 40"+ for width), this may be a better choice than any of the dedicated pull-up, chin-up, dip bars/stations out there. You can do a variety of exercises and a variety of grips (for example you can do narrow grip and wide grip pull ups). You can move the unit to different locations easily. You can disassemble it quickly and easily (two movements taking about 10 seconds)if you need to release the space it takes up. While it may seem expensive, once I factor in the sheer quality of the unit (likely to last a lifetime) and its versatility, I feel I have made the most cost effective exercise equipment purchase of my life (I have had everything from expensive weight-cable machines, exercise bikes, treadmills, wall-mounted expensive chin-up bars, etc.)..Vissi
I've had my All In One bar for a few months now and I just have to mention how happy I am with it. It's been to the beach with me, to my office, and all over the place. It's extreme stability is matched only by its portability and ease of setup and breakdown. For anyone who is wary of spending 310$ over the internet on the full package with the extra bar and the carrying bag, you can quote me -- worth every penny. Nick
Portable pull-up bar looks good, is a cinch to assemble and break down, stands sturdier than it appears in the pictures on the site, and was diligently packaged to survive shipment via the United Pulverization Service. It went out the day after I ordered it and arrived within three business days. I've never been so happy about spending 310 bucks. My first Google Checkout experience was superlative, easy and secure; here's hoping the trend continues. Aaron
Your pull-up all-in-one bar is an amazing product! It holds my 260 pounds (just weighed myself) with not so much as a forward sway or bend. It's rock solid! It is perfect for anyone who lives in a smaller house or apartment. I was looking for a pull-up bar so I could start the P90X program, but I couldn't spare the space for one of those bulky stands. A doorway bar just wasn't go to work for my size. This setup is absolutley perfect! The ability to do dips and Australian pull-ups are really nice bonuses as well. Its a simple, elegant, and well thought out design. The hand-made industrial construction really impressed me and my freinds. It surpassed my highest expectations. Attached are the pictures that you requested. I'll be doing a video review to be posted on youtube over the weekend, I'll send you the link. There has been a resurgence in back-to-basics, no-nonsense fitness training for the past few years and with that in mind, this device is actually a portable gym. You have a great product here, more people need to know about it! Chris
The hula hoops arrived yesterday and they are excellent! We are all enjoying them very much. In fact, I wish I ordered more of them. They are everything you promised them to be an more! So well made and gorgeous! True works of art, especially the way you rivetted them, and the weight is shockingly light. I can hoop and walk at the same time with them right out of the box and I'm no hula hooper. They make hooping so easy. Ramona
Your pullup bar rocks! I've posted a brief review here. Thanks again for crafting such an awesome bar! Gratefully, Miles
I have been on the road and just caught up with and assembled the tightwire you sent to San Jose. What a work of art! It was so simple and painless to put together. It's so light and it looks so good. I'm flabbergasted. Not surprised at all because I could tell from your site that you do top notch work. I'm looking forward to teaching with it. I'll keep you posted. Carlo, Program Director
I got the Lyra and I really like it. Thank You for taping it. :)... The girl I am training really enjoys using it.
Just a quick email to confirm that I have received the tight rope from Robert - he had no problems getting it on the aircraft. Very happy with the product - really easy to assemble and easy to store.
Hey - I got the trapeze yesterday and had the opportunity to hang it up today, its excellent! Thank you so much! -- Andrew K.
I just wanted to thank you for my recent purchase of the free standing pull up bar. It is really great!! It saves me from driving 10 miles round trip every day to do my pull ups.......and saves me almost 30 min. on my workout time. I can easily take it with me on trips to the beach and mountains...........no more having to search out a place to do pull ups-------I like the simplicity of the design and the light weight aluminum structure. My wife was pleased and amazed at how little space it takes up in our garage. It was the best present I received for Christmas this year!!!!!!!!! Thanks again ----------a very satisfied customer--- Parke
Hi Trevor. The hoops arrived today in perfect condition. They are just what I've been looking for. I will use them this year in my annual Halloween Magic Show where I pass them in tandem over and around a person floating in mid air. Thank again, Holly
I have received the hoops today, they are great! Polish customs service didn't add any fees, so everything is fine. Thank You very much! Kamil
Yes, the rig is awesome and coming in extremely handy. Everything was clear and I had it set up in less than five minutes.... thank you so much! Liza
Finally got our trap (from Texas), and it's soooo beautiful...can't wait to take it for a spin...our wedding circus went off without a hitch (well maybe a couple little ones...I'll try to send you a copy...) thanks a lot... e
I ordered a practice tightrope and practice swing for static trapeze early summer. The tightrope is loads of fun and the trapeze is definitely a blast. I only set it up a few times but here are some pics. Trevor is a big help when you're trying to decide on what to order. If you have some room in your backyard and have always wanted to practice circus arts (safely and with supervision of course!) I suggest checking out his site...Leo Have fun!
Your pull up bar and gracious personality has created quite a stir over at the Transformetrics.com forum. I've been looking for something like this for a long time. Marco
Its here, its perfect. One very happy young lady..off to join the circus. Thank you. Cherie
Thank-you for the great product. I use it 3-4 days a week. It exceeded my expectations. Thanks again. Rich
So I wanted to let you know that Little Mermaid - the show you had built those ships ladders for - opened on Broadway last week. There is a a picture on Mermaid's website which shows a good picture of the bridge with the ladders - Anne