Backyard Free Standing Rigging

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The 13 ft "Backyard" Freestanding rig is ideal for single trap and aerial hoop or for those just starting out with aerial net or silk.  It is a smaller version of the 18 ft Free Standing Rig.
  • The all aluminum construction is ideal for outdoor weather conditions.
  • Has 3 stainless steel eye bolts to hang from and can take a 300 lbs load. 
  • It weighs 110 lbs and takes about 10 minutes to set up.

Swivel Feet (if you would like them included, select the correct model) above

Optional rubber covered swivel feet (4 to a set) should be purchased at the same time as the rig if needed (factory installation)...they cannot be installed later by purchaser. Not needed for grass lots.

Adjustable model (another option under "model" above)

The adjustable model is 13 feet, but can adjust down to 7.5 feet -- ideal for indoors and outdoors.

This model includes the feet! Basically it works like this:

Each leg consists of the 3 sections in different lengths and  can be combined in various combinations to achieve the various heights and each leg has an insert to raise or lower the rig once assembled so that in the case of an 8ft ceiling, it is assembled to 7.5ft then raised 2 inches at a time to fit snugly under the ceiling without damaging the ceiling.

The base is 10 ft x 10 ft at the lowest setting and 16 ft x 18 ft at the tallest setting

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