Elite XL Freestanding Pullup Bar

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This is a lightweight portable pull up bar designed for easy assembly/transport.
  • The unit is 92 inches tall but the bar adjusts down to  77 inches (3" increments)
  • Comes with a BUILT IN STABILIZER which has a removable cross-bar across the feet
  • Top bar (1 inch thick) can be ordered with/without neutral-grip extensions (handles)
  • Converts to a 3 - 4 ft high dipping bar (3" increments) -- top-bar with handles recommended.
  • Assembles/Disassembles in 1 minute with no tools.
  • Base is 45 inches x 42 inches.
  • Weighs 36 lbs . Can handle 350 lbs 
  • If this unit is too tall for the room, simply add a note under "special instructions" stating the desired maximum height and we will make it to fit 

Carrying Bag

The carrying bag is custom designed to snugly fit the parts of the Elite XL.

Which Top-Bar?

The standard bar (no handles) is shown below. For those who want to do neutral-grip pull-ups we recommend the bar with handles. Also, those who want to reassemble the pullup bar as a 3 - 4 ft dipping bar would probably need the bar with handles. If you can't decide, buy both!

Recent Testimonial

   I ordered this very pull up kit from you, back in mid-late summer 2014.
I just thought about looking up your web page to see if y'all were still around, and sure enough, you are!
I just wanted to let you know that your product is the single most awesome piece of exercise equipment I own!
Seriously, the quality of the material used, down to the strength of the welds on that material, is hands down, the best stuff I've been able to find on the web.
A true portable pull-up/dip-station is hard enough to find, let alone finding one that's made using all around quality craftsmanship.
So, to sum it all up on my end, this kit has been my overall BEST INVESTMENT in fitness health.
Thank y'all again for making such fine products, and continuing to do so today.
Best wishes to all on your team!


Book that illustrates this unit well 

Men's Health Your Body is Your Barbell

Written by  BJ Gaddour