Standard Pullup Bar

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  • 7 feet tall, and 42 inches wide.
  • Weighs 22 lbs and can take a 350 lb load.
  • The 1" thick top bar has 3 heights: 84", 80", 76".
  • Assembles/Disassembles in 1 minute with no tools.
  • Made out of 7 pieces of polished aluminum.
  • 100% Made in the USA.


"The Portable pull-up bar looks good, is a cinch to assemble and break down, stands sturdier than it appears in the pictures on the site, and was diligently packaged to survive shipment via the United Pulverization Service. It went out the day after I ordered it and arrived within 3 business days." -- Aaron.

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Custom-fit Carrying Bag (optional, +$35)